Feeling in Extremes

While I live here in a life so mediocre that even ‘mediocre’ is a word posh enough to describe it, everything seems to be monotonous enough. Any attempts to disrupt the monotonality are labeled as ‘cynical’ and ‘overambitious’ or ‘unrealistic’. I don’t remember the last time I had a day more extraordinary than being in […]


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Hold it Close

Find yourself — in the middle of those lights, noises, and all those wedding shenanigans. Don’t let them dull your sparkle!   Find yourself — amidst all the busy-ness, dancing divas and fashionistas. Don’t let it blend you in!   It’s okay that someone else is dressed better. It’s okay that someone else looks prettier. […]

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What is it like to lose a parent?

As humans, we tend to get attached to other humans, and to materialistic things, our possessions, our pets, our daily routines, and even our own bodies being a certain way. But the only misfortune of human lives is that none of this is permanent. We lose, and we keep losing, everything one by one until […]

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‘Hanging On’ to it

I don’t understand why deaths, especially suicides affect me as much as they do. Maybe it’s because I feel it on a deeper level. Even though I haven’t lost anyone so close to me as of lately, so it couldn’t be a reminder of me losing someone I had. Then where does it come from? […]

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Does it ever end?

Often in life, we stumble across stories from our past and present about people who suffered great pain and lost their fights. I’m not talking about the fight with diseases or injuries. There are fights more vehement than that. There is pain in every bit of their story. But when we ask ourselves, is it […]

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अंदर से कितने खोखले होते होंगे वो लोग इस दुनिया में जो बस अपनी ही ज़िन्दगी में सिमट कर रह जाते है ना कभी किसी के गम बांटें, ना किसी की खुशी का हिस्सा बने ना किसी से वादेें किये, ना करवाये बस दुनिया में आए, जिये, जिम्मेदारियां निभाई, और चल दिये अंदर से कितने […]

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Moderately Tough Days

Some days I feel very motivated and I get up and I get shit done in just a matter of time. I say to myself, “I can do this. I’m capable, I’m strong.” And I get up from my bed and I actually get it done. In that moment l, I feel like I can […]

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“School” शब्द जब जुबान पर आता है, तो सबसे पहले ज़हन में Kabra School की तस्वीर आती है। 11वीं 12वीं वाली तो convent school नहीं, बचपन वाली Kabra School याद आती है। ज्यादा बड़ी नहीं थी हमारी classes, पर हाँ, इतनी बड़ी जरूर थी कि सबके लिए जगह हो सके, Free period में benches के […]

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ये जो तेरी आंखें है, बिन बोले ही सब कह जाती है इक पल जो इनमें झांक लूं इश्क़ के सागरों में गोता लगाती हूं मैं ये जो तेरी हंसी ये मुस्कान ये जो होठों का यूं घुमाव हैं तेरे गालो के इन dimples में ज़िन्दगी के सबसे हसीन लम्हों का इक दरिया है ये […]